This course was designed to help under-prepared students reach their state’s college- and career-readiness benchmarks before high school graduation and it is built around the Common Core.These courses are best suited for the middle range of students, not those who can succeed in Advanced Placement courses or who are severely behind. The courses are built with rigor, innovative instructional strategies, and a concentration on contextual learning that departs from procedural memorization and focuses on engaging the students in a real-world context. In short, these courses target students with weaknesses and college-ready skill gaps and re-educate them in new ways to ensure they are prepared for postsecondary-level pursuits.µ



Draft progressions on high school Algebra and Functions
These progressions are somewhat different from the K–8 progressions. Since the high school standards are not arranged into courses, the progressions are really more like descriptions than progressions; they are not in any particular curricular order. Furthermore, because each one covers a topic that occupies a large part of the high school curriculum, it gives less detail about how each standard might be addressed or how different standards might be arranged into various different curricular implementations. Find more information here:
Newly compiled resources from the SC Department of Education from Mary Ruzga:
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